Dermalook Optical Cosmetics S.L., world’s first opticosmetic brand was created in Barcelona in 2006 by Juan Manzano Melitón, cosmetologist and member of the Spanish Society of Cosmetic Chemists. He is also the company’s Technical Director and CEO. Dermalook Optical Cosmetics S.L. is devoted to the research and development of cosmetic formulas that exclusively contain ingredients capable of providing real health benefits to the wearers’ ocular health.

dermalook® started out with our eyeliner™. It was shortly joined by SOFT SILICON™ natural effect mascara and BUTTERFLY X-tra volume™ mascara. To this trio we have just added our new eyeshadows collection SHADOWS™. And coming soon is our lash-loss prevention and fortifying treatment mascara, CRYSTAL™.

For a brief history and philosophy of our company, please access our company profile through the following link.

dermalook company profile 2011 (PDF file)