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At Visión Cosmética S.L. we created optocosmetics, a new concept within the field of cosmetics, which aims to bring eye health solutions that not only beautify your look, but because a good look starts with a healthy look.

The Dermalook® products combine health and beauty in equal measure, because your eyes are for life. Our hypoallergenic makeup line is exclusively made from the essential high-purity active ingredients and the maximum of natural ingredients possible.

Dermalook® is the result of cosmetics which have been based on scientific results and endorsed by efficacy studies.

Our high-quality cosmetics are rigorously checked, We are the leader in research and development of new formulas and our products are aimed at those concerned about eye health, contact lens wearers and those who have problems with sensitive eyes and allergies.

Dermalook® eliminates and substitutes ingredients from its products which can cause allergies, such as itching, redness or watery eyes (Paraffins, fragrances or fibres), for ingredients from plant origins such as cocoglycerides, argan oil or camomile.

The result is high-quality optocosmetics which care for your eye health.

The Dermalook® product line comprises of an eyeliner pencil eyeliner™, SOFT SILICON™ natural look and BUTTERFLY X-tra Volume™ mascaras, as well as a collection of eyeshadows, SHADOWS™, and our anti eyelash loss treatment CRYSTAL™, which nourishes eyelashes. Our laboratory continues to research, innovate and develop natural formulas which beautify and care for your eye health.

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