Hypoallergenic eyeliner pencil

eye liner dermalook

Taking into account the maxim “Your eyes are for life”, with Dermalook® we offer a product to help you care for your eyes. We have created a special eye pencil – Dermalook® eyeliner™.

Often pencils sold on the market contain an excess of lanolin and paraffin, compounds which can cause watery eyes, redness and other allergic reactions. By substituting this formula for cocoglycerides, a fatty material from plant origins, we have achieved a high-quality cosmetic which is 100% hypoallergenic.

This “recipe” ensures that eyeliner™ offers an excellent way of setting the colour so it does not smudge. It has been especially designed for contact lens wearers. And you do not have to worry about any marks because eyeliner™ can be easily cleaned away with a normal cleansing solution. Available in black, brown and blue, all offering an intensity that outlines your beautiful look without damaging your eyes. More colours coming soon…

And remember…exclusively sold in opticians