Hypoallergenic eyeshadows

SHADOWS™ our collection of hypoallergenic eyeshadows which offer beauty whilst pampering your eyelids.

Some eyeshadows dry out within a few hours after application and with the slightest touch the product can easily enter the eyes. Problems are caused when luminous powders fall off and can cause allergies and irritation for cosmetics users.

SHADOWS™ is an creamy textured compact eyeshadow which is very easy to apply and creates a fine film and offers unbeatable coverage for several hours. The result? Maximum hydration of the eyelid area and total, comfortable product coverage on all skin types.

From our innovative ingredients which provide major progress in texture, shine and permanence our, SHADOWS range has achieved a perfect formula which cares for your eyes and promotes beauty. To vitamin E, a potent antioxidant which delays the ageing process of the eyelids, we have added argan oil which stimulates oxygenation of the skin and provides elasticity and vitamin A , which protects dry and chapped skin.

SHADOWS offer an attractive look with range of colours.