soft-siliconNatural look hypoallergenic mascara

Dermalook® SOFT SILICON™ hypoallergenic mascara is made from natural waxes and silicone.

Some brands use rayon and nylon fibre to create a denser mascara which leaves lashes thicker. Nevertheless, when they dry out, and when rubbed, leave residue behind which can cause eye irritation and itchiness and can damage contact lenses for those who wear them.

SOFT SILICON™ is ideal with its advanced composition based on three active ingredients: silicone, panthenol and vitamin E, which care for your lashes. Silicone provides a total lash adhesion which lasts for hours without rubbing off or leaving any residue, offering a unique sense of comfort and purity. Panthenol softens and protects lashes making them more flexible. Vitamin E acts right at the root of the lash, strengthening the lash and preventing eyelash loss. Also contains camomile.

Visit your nearest optician and try it for yourself!