Keeping in mind that our eyes should last us our lifetime, dermalook has developed the concept of opticosmetics, cosmetics that look after your eyes’ health while helping you look beautiful best.

Health and beauty, in equal measure, are the source of inspiration of our hypoallergenic cosmetics. We include only the purest active ingredients and the maximum amount of natural ingredients in our formulas to achieve a product that is gentle on your eyes. By eliminating or substituting from its formulas ingredients that can cause alergic reactions for other vegetable-basedingredients, dermalook achieves cosmetics that respects the ocular environment. dermalook is the fruit of a cosmetic philosophy based on scientifically proven results, backed by efficacy studies. A high-quality cosmetic line, rigorously controlled and at the forefront of research and development of new formulations, aimed at consumers with sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. dermalook offers high-end products that pamper your eyes and lets you stand out at affordable prices.