Hypoallergenic eyeliner

Keeping in mind the adage: “your eyes are for a lifetime”, dermalook® is determined to help you care for them by creating dermalook eyeliner™, a very special eyeliner pencil.

Often, eyeliners in the marketplace contain excessive amount of lanolin and paraffin, ingredients that may cause watering, redness and other allergic reactions in your eyes. By removing these ingredients almost completely from our formula, and replacing them with vegetable-based cocoglycerides, we achieve a high-quality cosmetic that is also “healthy”. eyeliner™ is 100% hypoallergenic.

This “alchemy” allows eyeliner™ to provide and excellent color fix that will nor run, making it ideal for contact lens wearers. And if you smudge your lenses, don’t worry!  eyeliner™ is easily removed with a regular lens-cleaning solution.

Black, brown, blue — all will draw an intense, beautiful gaze on you without harming your eyes. More colors coming soon…

And remember… Only at optician’s.

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