Hypoallergenic eye shadow

SHADOWS™ our eye shadows collection pampers your eyelids while making you look beautiful.

Some eye shadows tend to dry out after a few hours and even a slight friction can easily make it enter your eyes. Unleashing all kinds of problems related to these fine powders flaking off and causing allergies and irritating your eyes when you wear eye shadow.

SHADOWS™ is a compact eye shadow with a creamy texture that is easy to apply. It goes on smoothly creating a thin film of color with superb coverage that lasts and lasts. The result? Maximum moisture for your eyelids and a total adherence of the product in all skin types.

By tapping into novel ingredients that provide a substancial advance in texture, shine and longevity, SHADOWS™ has achieved a perfect formula to take care of your eyes while looking beautiful. To                    vitamin E‘s powerful antioxidant property that slows down the ageing of the eyelid’s skin, we’ve added Argan oil to stimulate oxygenation and imbue elasticity to the lid’s skin and vitamin A to protect dry and flaky skin.

Wear all five combinations in good ocular health!

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