Natural-effect hypoallergenic mascara

SOFT SILICON™ hypoallergenic mascara has been developed from natural waxes and silicon.

Some brands use rayon or nylon fibres to thicken their formulas, but when these mascaras dry, normal friction can cause residues to fall into your eyes causing irritation and itchiness and damaging your contact lenses if you wear them.

SOFT SILICON™ clings to eyelashes without flaking for hours, giving you a unique feeling of comfort and cleanliness.

Its advanced composition is based on three key active ingredients: silicon, Panthenol and vitamin E, that will pamper your lashes. Silicon enables total adherence to your lashes for hours without flaking off or leaving residues, giving you a clean, comfortable sensation. Panthenol softens and protects your lashes, making them more flexible. Vitamin E acts at the root of your lashes, strengthening and preventing lash loss. With chamomile.

Come to your nearest optician’s and check it out!

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